Friday, October 28, 2011

Bone Marrow Biopsy

Well, I'm a bit short on time right now but I wanted to update everyone about my bone marrow biopsy from the 21st. Bottom line is the pathology report still is not in. But the docs did genetic testing on the cells they were able to get and discovered that I am missing a chromosome. It is called 7 q deletion syndrome. I know right? Weird.

Bottom line, I am one of the lucky less than 1% of people who take the chemotherapy regimen (taxotere/adriamycin/cytoxin) and develop acute leukemia as a primary new cancer. Goody for me. It supposedly only occurs in women over 60. Yeah for me again. I believe it is called secondary acute myeloid leukemia when it occurs as a result of chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

I meet with a hematologist next week because my oncologist said that he did not feel comfortable dealing with this type of problem (although he will continue to treat me) and that I need a blood specialist. This explains why my white blood cell, red blood cell, hemoglobin, and platelet counts have been so low and continue to drop.

This is not good news, of course. We will know more after talking to the hematologist but I know how my body feels and it is not good. I am probably not up for any aggressive treatments at this point -- I just want to be comfortable. I am otherwise (hah!) healthy and that has to mean something.

We are not going to tell the girls until after meeting with the hematologist next week. No sense talking about something we don't really know anything about.

I'm off to the beach for the evening! I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Halloween! I'm supposed to be the emerald witch. We'll see what my energy is like.

I appreciate continued prayers for me but please also pray for Geoff and the girls. They have a tougher road ahead than I do, I expect.


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