Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodbye 2009

So, I've not updated in a while. I've been trying to convince myself that I can block my health problems out of my mind. And I can, if only for a while. We went on our family trip to Europe 2 weeks ago, and no one but my family knew my situation. So, except for brief discussions with Geoff, I NEVER talked about my health, doctor appointments, or anything. And I managed to keep up with the long walking tours we went on in France and Italy and held up better than most of the other American tourists. (Not that that is saying anything given the state of our country's health). Thank you Concerta (ADHD med used for energy in my case) for giving me the energy to do so.

I went back to Boston last week. After much thought and discussion, I've decided to see a medical oncologist in Chapel Hill and Dr. Winer gave me the name of a good doctor to see in CH. I WILL eventually have to do chemo and WILL eventually, more than likely, be hospitalized. It just made sense to have a med onc that was closer than 900 miles away for when that happens. I also decided I'd rather spend my travel $ on fun trips to, I don't know, Europe, than on doctor appointments.

The next blip on the radar is getting an MRI of my cervical spine. Apparently, my persistent headaches are not due to brain mets (Thank God!) However, I have lost most feeling in 2 fingertips on my left hand (not side where lymph nodes removed) that may or may not be due to a new tumor pushing on a nerve in my cervical spine. At this point, they've only (!) found tumors in my thoracic and lumbar spine. It's a little alarming, because at some times I can barely feel 2 fingers in my left hand. But I told Dr. Winer I don't want to do anything before the new year. Got to enjoy the holidays as best I can!

Well, off to get some work done. I've not worked much lately. I have another trip this week. This time, to the wine country and SF Bay area! Happy holidays one and all!