Monday, November 8, 2010

Dad's memorial

Well, some daughter I am. I forgot to mention that dad's memorial went very well! I had no idea how to have a memorial service and really didn't plan too much. So I just stood up and told his life story. It felt good to share his interesting life with everyone -- most folks there did not know him all that well or had not known him all of his life. So, even though I wasn't really excited about having the memorial in the beginning, it was nice to provide some punctuation at the end of his life. It was a warm and fuzzy Kodak kind of day.

For those of you that came, thank you so much! It meant a lot to have you there. I understand that due to travel constraints most relatives and family could not come. Knowing my father, he would have been just fine with that too!

I've got his ashes in the house now. We were going to sprinkle him in the ocean out here but I'm a bit undecided about that now. He was not a big beach guy here in North Carolina. I've got to think about where he'd like to rest for eternity. In the meantime, he's a great houseguest. Having him in the living room is kind of nice! I can talk to him and he has to listen! No matter what football game is on t.v., etc. :)

Hugs and kisses...

Sorry no write...

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I know we did! I even managed to cook a few things which my family will tell you is very rare these days.

I've been bad about updating on here. I had about a week of feeling pretty darn good -- I saw the oncologist in Chapel Hill and he put me on Faslodex (2 shots in the rear end, not so good) and back on the Zometa bone strengthening regimen. So, cocky me, I decided I no longer needed pain meds and contacted my pain management PA about curtailing all the meds. All he## broke loose even though I did so gradually. Now, even though I'm basically back on the meds I was on before, I still feel like I'm trying to catch up with the pain. Anyone who has had chronic pain can understand the worst part is trying to catch up when the pain gets ahead of you. It just doesn't work. Anyhoo, that's why I've been AWOL. When the pain saturates your life it just stinks because NOTHING goes well. I'm going to work on getting it straightened out and then leave it alone for goodness sake!

The family is doing well and gearing up for our trip to Florida for Thanksgiving. I've never been to Amelia Island so I'm excited.... probably more excited than the kids are to see Santa too!

I promise to write more soon when I've got a fresher mind. Right now, it's dinnertime and I'm hungry and ready for bed.

Nighty night everyone!