Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sofie Wonderly Hosford May 21, 1970-March 21, 2012

Most folks know that Sofie left this earthly existence yesterday just before 5:00 p.m. The last twenty-four hours were tough and this experience is hard to handle. The girls and I greatly appreciate all of the kind thoughts, prayers, and tears shed for our loss. We will need all of your help during the next few weeks and months.
Today, my sister Amy arrived from Boston, having left at basically a moments notice to come here. She is awesome and we couldn't get through this stage of our grief without her. We are having a memorial service for Sofie on Wednesday, March 28th at 3:00 p.m. at Port City Community Church. We're planning for a reception to follow. I will post more details as plans converge.
I miss Sofie so much that I physically hurt. I know that she is in a better place and her suffering has ended. Yesterday, there was a great celebration in Heaven. At this moment, with that knowledge and with the love of everyone who has kept us in thoughts and prayers, we will get through today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Geoff's update for Sofie

This is Geoff writing for Sofie with an update.
Sofie went to the hospital last Friday, March 9th via the Leland Fire/Rescue crew. Those men gave her excellent care and treatment for a very frightening event. She had shortness of breath and an oxygen level of 80 (healthy is between 96 and 100). It took some lidocaine to get her heart under control. Arriving at the ER around 4:00, the physicians ran CT scans, x-rays and concluded that Sofie has pneumonia. She was admitted and we made it to a room by 12:45 a.m. In addition to her breathing problems, heart issue, and pneumonia, she had a great deal of pain in her left chest, right side and upper back. It was a difficult night.
After a couple rounds of IV antibiotics and IV pain medications, the hospital transferred her from the 10th floor to the 8th floor for cardiac issues. That transition was not smooth to say the least and it was frustrating dealing with some of the problems with it. Our minister stopped by around this time, which helped keep us from expressing ourselves with inappropriate language. Saturday and Sunday were tough days and it is no fun to watch someone who you love suffer with such pain.
Yesterday, Sofie improved some and her doctor expected to discharge her on Tuesday. After getting that good news, there was some sobering moments, meeting with some staff from Hospice and arranging for additional help.
Sofie will have oxygen at home. She will have it in a portable bag. She will also have a cane and a wheelchair because of all of those complications that come with heart and lung problems.
We are sitting here now, waiting for the discharge orders. Thank you to all who stopped in and visited with Sofie, especially during those times where I had to slip away. Thank you to all who have kept us in your prayers.