Monday, April 4, 2011


Sorry so long, no post. It's been a rough road back from chemo and, unlike my chemo experience in 2007, I won't bounce back to an energetic, pain-free Sofie. But at least I am feeling somewhat more awake at 8 pm than I was during chemo. So that's an improvement. My pain issues continue to plague me and are not well-managed with all the pain meds I am taking so that is my biggest problem right now. My oncologist and I have decided to try Quadramet, which is a radioactive infusion given that sends radiation-type treatment through your bloodstream to your bones. It is supposed to help relieve bone pain caused by the metastases and is kind of like a whole body radiation without going under the radiation machine. We'll see if it helps, hopefully! If it does not provide relief, then we know that most of my pain is tissue or nerve related and we'll have to figure something else out.

In the meantime, life goes on, right? Spring is here :), the kids are busy (as usual), and it's about beach time which is so exciting! Geoff and I are going to have an overnight in downtown Wilmington in a couple of weeks (to try and make up for our brief stay at the Graystone Inn last year that ended up with me in the hospital!) Between that and our trips to Oak Island to get the condo ready for the summer we have many blessings to focus on.... and distract us from the beast that is my cancer.

Speaking of, our pastor Mike and Hugo from PC3 came to pray with Geoff and I last week. That was very nice... I appreciate any and all prayers and continue to believe that a miracle can happen! If it does not, I am sure that I am part of some plan of God's that I just do not know about yet. Either way, all I can do is make the best of it and move on.

Happy Spring to all!