Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So another month has passed since I've posted. I really am trying to bury my head in the sand....

I ended up having the epidural blood patch done to get ride of the spinal headaches caused by the lumbar puncture from June. That helped get rid of those nasty, debilitating headaches. Unfortunately, over the past few days, I've started getting new headaches of a different variety :( This stinks! Nausea, burping, and the left side of my head pounding in primarily one spot. I think it would feel better if I could put my head inside of a vise! Crazy, I know. Since this past Sunday, I've been largely useless. Again.

On another note, the floors turned out great! Well worth all of the effort. Our house feels so new, it's wonderful! Thank you, Kevin Foley!

We're spending most of our time in Oak Island though, where the girls are attending summer day camps. Going roller skating, bowling, to museums, swimming, playing tennis, and to the aquarium in Myrtle Beach. Busy! Our biggest activity though is driving. That's right. They're doing gymnastics classes 2 days a week, each of them, in Wilmington. On different days. So, 4 days a week, us girls head up the road about 35 miles (each way) for gymnastics classes. Ugghhhh.. I lost my sitters so it's me driving. Scary, I know! But, since I'm not really working, can't really afford to pay the sitter to do the driving anyway. Just a couple more weeks of this.

On Friday, we're heading to Greensboro to the Grandover Resort :) for 2 nights. We plan to go to the zoo in Asheboro on Saturday. Then, we head to Chapel Hill for 2 nights. On Monday, I have a PET scan to try and find out why the he## I feel so crappy, have so much back pain, fatigue etc. I also see my oncologist on Monday and meet a Neurologist. Hopefully, the Neurologist can interpret my spinal fluid results from the lumbar puncture and give me some answers. The worst part is not knowing, honestly. The doctors are satisfied just to find that there's no cancer in my CSF (spinal fluid). I am happy too, but I WANT TO HAVE ANSWERS!!!! Why am I so tired I could sleep for 3 days straight? Why does my lower back feel like it's been run over by an 18 wheeler? Why is my head pounding and I feel like I could throw up all day long? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? I really can say that the not knowing has been worse than all of the information I have been provided by all these docs for the past 3 years. Anyway, there, I've vented.

So we have doc visits on Monday the 26th. One more night at the glorious Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill (with the best biscuits and banana bread EVER!) and then back home. We're picking up dear Opus from doggie boot camp where he's been for 3 weeks. I miss him! Hopefully, he's learned a lot and is ready to be the sweet, obedient doggie I know he can be. Then, after that, we hope to have a few days at Oak Island, as a family, for real vacation. No work, no gymnastics, no driving. We can act like all the rest of the tourists hanging out at our condo complex that I'm so jealous of right now. Yippee!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer! I'll post later after I see the doc. Don't expect me to post right away though. No news is good news if you don't hear from me. If something unusual shows up on the PET scan, I'll report it here ASAP.

Much love,