Monday, May 17, 2010

Baptism and life!

Well, thanks to all of you who came to my baptism! What a special day. I'm going to try and upload a link to the baptism video so that any of you that were unable to attend can watch it. I feel like they did a nice job of presenting my story. Very special day! I was truly touched to have several people approach me (strangers) after the baptism to tell them what my story meant to them. Yesterday at church, a man told me that a friend of their family who was not a Christian watched the baptism, and that she is in similar circumstances. She was very moved by my tale, and hopefully it will inspire her to seek out God in order to get through her troubles. That makes it all worth it, really. I mean the cancer, not the baptism. It's all part of the silver lining -- helping to improve other peoples' lives through your own suffering. My life has improved, ironically, and I want to help other people to find joy in their own lives as well.

On the subject of gratitude, thanks to all who have helped out my parents with meals and rides. I cannot tell you what it means to all of us! My father can be very brash and abrasive but even he has been moved by all of the help they've received from people who are strangers to them but my friends. I have found that friends can really become like extended family which is helpful when your family is in as much need as mine is right now. I love you all!!!!!!!

Also, just a reminder of my 40th b-day party this weekend. It's Friday the 21st at 4 p.m. where we had a nice bash in 2008 on Oak Island. Unlike many of my friends, I am so excited to turn 40 and hope to have many, many more birthdays to come! Celebration of life, after all. Just remember to bring whatever you'll need to enjoy the afternoon! Happy Spring!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Baptism and birthday info

Good morning and happy Monday everyone. Just wanted to post my baptism info for anyone who wants to attend.

The baptism will be at Port City Community Church at 250 Vision Drive (off Cardinal Drive between Eastwood and Market Streets) on Sunday, May 9 at 4 p.m. If you want to sit near the baptism pool, go to the front left side of the church by 3:45 p.m. and sit in one of the front two reserved rows. This will be a normal church service and they usually do the baptism ceremonies after the first or second song. If you have children, you'll want to check them in early. Treasure Island is for K-5 grades and Grow Zone is for kids younger than that. We'll have Hope and Hadley in the service and then check them in to Treasure Island afterward. You may just want to check your kids in before the church service begins.

They'll show my video, which lasts about 3 minutes, and then baptize me. In the video I tell my "story" about why I'm getting baptized. Bring kleenexes! I'll change and rejoin the service. It should be really special. The service itself lasts about one hour and is very user friendly, if you've not attended before. Don't worry about issues with communion or anything, because we rarely have that, and they won't make you drink any kool-aid or anything;) Wear any clothes you want --it is very casual.

Also, FYI, my birthday party will be May 21 at 4 p.m. at 4911 East Beach Drive in Oak Island. You have to know me to come;) but otherwise all are welcome. Bring your own beverages, food, children, towels, sunscreen, etc. No Gifts. We're not providing anything except maybe some burgers and dogs for the kids. Just want to relax and enjoy everyone!

Take care and hope to seee you all soon!