Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleepy Summer

Happy Summer everyone!

So sorry I have failed to keep my updates coming. Healthwise, over the past few months, my back pain got better for several weeks following my shot of samarium (Quadramet -- the radioactive infusion I got) and now it is in the process of getting worse :( The side effect of the infusion was that it increased my fatigue. Now, I have increased back pain again and I am getting more and more tired as well. Can you say afternoon naps that last 4 hours????

I guess I should be happy, right? I'm not in the hospital or anything like that. The girls are out of school and presently are only doing swim lessons (and gymnastics of course) for two weeks. We spent a lovely, leisurely week at Bald Head Island last week. Ahhhh.... Other than that, it's been daily gymnastics team practices and whatever errands we need to run. The girls have been very patient considering we have not done a lot of fun activities during the work week. Geoff is very good about running them to the pool, etc. every weekend to burn off their energy. And we did get bikes because Hadley finally learned to ride her bike :) I've not ridden mine too much but it is fun when I do!

I will be having another shot of samarium (again, radiation) in a few weeks in Chapel Hill. It will be sometime after I go there August 3 and 4. The real risk with these shots is it increases my risk of infection. But I don't care because the back pain is worse than everything.

So, please don't worry when you don't hear from me! Easier said than done, I know. But I promise to have Geoff post on here if something bad occurs to me... that's what this blog is for, after all! In the meantime, the more I can avoid thinking about cancer, the better! Enjoy the sunshine! (we have to get one benefit from this drought, after all!)