Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sorry for not posting for so long. Suffice it to say, I've been in a LOT of pain lately. Fortunately, I got the whole nausea/chemo thing under control by begging for Emend which is a fantastic, but expensive, anti-nausea drug. I also finally got Blue Cross to approve one of my pain meds, Fentora, which is about $6000 per month at my dose (for insurance to pay, not me!).

I don't know what happened to increase the pain. I went to some legal CLEs in a couple of weeks, sitting in chairs. Then we drove to Simpsonville, SC for our oldest daughter's gymnastics meet. Lots of time in the car.

I am to the point now where it's absolutely excruciating to sit in any chair for any length of time. Even to just drive across town. So I cancelled my trip to Orlando for the Young Survivors' breast cancer conference because I figured I'd just be in the hotel room anyway. It sucks.

On a high note, I joined a new ladies small group from my church that is awesome! It's during the daytime so I am able to handle the time and I have energy. Unfortunately, anything after 6 pm now for me is just not doable.

I also got to kick Avastin to the curb. Clearly, all these drugs are not working and the nosebleeds and wounds not healing (all known side effects of Avastin) really got old. Won't go into all the details of what wounds did not heal.... So it's just Taxol now for 3 more weeks. Then I am done. I want my hair back. I want some energy back. I want to try and find a treatment that will HELP me with my back/pelvis pain.

Don't get me wrong, I fight and struggle through the pain. Hot yoga is a new obsession. The only problem is that I am so tired after the class that I am asleep by 8 pm. I need to find a night class because then I could just fall asleep afterward! But it is awesome! Reminds me of the olden days and the runners' high. Aggghhhh... And I still love my pilates and walking the dog. I just have to lie down a lot when I'm not being active. Which is good.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the food and the prayers!!! We have been inundated with food. I think we can safely stop by the end of this month and by April I should be back to having SOME energy. I hope. Prayers for my next treatment would be appreciated, and wisdom to my oncologist to find something that might work. God is the only one who can fix this mess.

Love you all!